Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Which I Shouldn't Have Bothered Moving

I lived in Massachusetts before I moved to New Haven, and this week, I've been/will be back a lot!

On Saturday, my college suitemate/post-college housemate and I trooped back to Northampton to see some friends who were attending reunion. I even took pictures:

What, your college reunion didn't involve alpacas?

We may have taken a detour to Webs, because it was their tent sale and they had invited some alpacas... it's been THREE WHOLE WEEKS since I've seen any fiber-bearing animals other than Moppet, or gotten to buy any fiber!

Yesterday, I went up to Boston-ish to do some consulting, I'm going to Boston itself on Thursday to see another friend who's visiting from LA, and on Saturday I'm going to Cummington for the sheep and wool festival (you'd think that would be enough fiber- and critter-related activity for one week, but it's not).

It's been a while since I've told anyone new where I live, and I'd forgotten the "Oh... New Haven..." response. So much so that when my client yesterday said it must have been ... a shock... to move to CT, I didn't know what she meant. It was clear during the pauses that she was trying think of tactful phrasing, but it took me a second to figure out what she was being tactful about (being closer to the Yankees?). Another hardship (in addition to the difficult MA-CT border crossing--watch out for the canine patrols!) I could have avoided if I'd stayed where I was!

Sock update:

I finished pair 50 (the Blackrose Socks from Knitty) about 3 hours ago. That leaves 2 more pairs to knit over the next 2 weeks (good thing Thursday's trip to Boston is on the train, and that I won't be the driver on Saturday... now all I need to do is stay awake!), plus a shawl to finish up for Schaefer.

I'm leaning towards the Welsh Traveling Socks from Shear Spirit, and then some kind of small lace pattern for the second pair. Maybe.

After pair 52, I'm thinking about taking a small sock-cation (if I don't cast on a new pair on autopilot), because I want to make some summer sweaters while it's still only warm (rather than unbearably hot). I'd also like to work with my handspun more--I've accumulated several groups of 4 oz. skeins that might work together and I think it would be fun see what they want to be.


Sunflowerfairy said...

I'll be at panera Thursday. Does this mean I'll miss you? And also, I can't go to Mass S&W on Sat, so I'll miss you then too. :(


Congrats on the almost finishing of 52 pairs. That's alot of socks.

Annie Driscoll said...

I would like to see a picture of your sock drawer. I realize not all the pairs have been for you, but I'm betting you have an impressive collection now.

And if you decide to repatriate to MA, I'll put in a good word at the embassy for you.