Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Blame the Wine!

Because the pattern is not going significantly better on sock #2, through which I have been sustained almost entirely by hot chocolate and dried mango (although if you have seen how fast I ingest dried mango, you might argue that it's just as addictive and therefore probably as bad for knitting as wine!)

Yummy, yummy mango.

In other news, there was a dramatic development this morning in the saga of my red scarf collection (carefully accumulated, 1 scarf per year, by repeatedly missing the Red Scarf Project deadline): I finally put the scarves in a box, AND printed an address label! Now, if I can just make the long journey (2 blocks... ) to the post office, I can actually send them in!

And here they are:

I'm especially fond of the middle one, made from early handspun (possibly the second thing I knit from my handspun, although not the second yarn I spun) using the multidirectional diagonal scarf pattern. (Which I first found through the forums, back in the dark ages of knitting and the internet, when we walked to school through snowdrifts as high as our heads, uphill both ways. In June. And liked it. Technically, I've never seen that skit, so I may have it wrong.)


Annie Driscoll said...

I'm pretty sure you were barefoot, too.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE dry mangos!!!! I know what you mean about their addictiveness!