Friday, December 19, 2008

Do You Happen to Know...

I've finally stopped plotting what knitting to bring long enough to work on travel arrangements, and it's not pretty.

Well, mostly it's fine, but given the limited time we have, plus the fact that I need to do some actual work in the middle of the trip, and the fact that Kevin and I are basically unable to resist trying to fit an impossible number of activities into any given amount of time... remember that we got back from his Ironman less than 24 hours before I left for Sierra Leone (and that I spent most of the time I was home frantically washing my clothes in bug repellent, then trying to make then dry faster with the power of my mind, because bug repellent-treated clothes cannot be machine dried...) anyway, keeping all that in mind, it will come as no surprise that we are currently committed to being in Cairo (for a tour which looks really great!) on January 2, and then in Jerusalem (for work) on January 4.

This would be fine (they're only 264 miles apart), except that the buses from Cairo to the border are wacky/unreliable (but at least a bus is not a hovercraft, no matter what other problems it might have), and January 3 is a Saturday. (This becomes an issue once we get into Israel. Maybe. The bus company's website says there are buses late Saturday afternoon, so maybe the issue is all in my head?)

My new best friends on the internet (technically, we've never met, and their posts are months old) tell me (by way of those ancient posts) that this is all no problem, but I'd like a little more reassurance. Do you happen to know anyone who has successfully taken the bus from Cairo to Haba? And then from Eilat to Jerusalem? Or hired a cab? On a Saturday?


CinderOla said...

I asked my husband who's been to Israel (though never from Cairo) and he said:

"Here is the deal with the buses. Taxis run on Saturday, but taking a taxi to Eilat is not gonna happen. Buses run on Saturday nights at 6:15 and later so she can either travel late saturday or wait until sunday to go."

Hope this helps!!

Baby Beth said...

You might be able to find buses that run on Saturday. Last time I was there (2004?) I was in Tel Aviv on Friday right before the Sabbath and we needed to get to Jerusalem for the Sabbath and my friend said that some private bus companies run if we happened to miss the last bus...They look more like vans, the private companies.

Good luck.