Sunday, September 28, 2008

Secret FOs

I went to DC/VA to visit my new niece (and my sisters too, I guess) on Thursday. She's alarmingly adorable, and looks like a seal (or perhaps a sea lion?) when she yawns. And I delivered another present--the February baby sweater, knit while I was at that work conference at the end of August.

You've seen a million of these (if you're keeping up with your knit blog reading--and if not, why not?), and mine's pretty standard, although as you can just barely see, I made all the garter stitch sections pink, and the lace parts white (with tiny bits of intarsia to keep the pink borders all along the fronts). I did add buttons before I turned it over--little square pearl-y ones. (I used 1 skein of each color of Cotton Bab Boo from Classic Elite, and size 6 needles.)

And belatedly, the socks I gave my sister for her birthday--with matching mini ones.

The big socks were pair 7, and the smaller ones pair 15 (the latter also made at the conference). The baby socks don't stay on very well--I should have made a ribbed cuff, but I wanted them to match the picot trim of the big ones.

And non-secret FOs too:

The grey socks for Kevin! Schaefer Anne, knit on size 1.5 needles, with a kind of garter stitch rib--the rib stitch is knit through the back loop, so it stands out more.

These were pair 16, I wrote about pair 17 last time, and I've also knit up pair 18 already--the Spring Forward socks from the summer Knitty. They were very speedy. I just started them on Sunday (or Monday?), and finished them up on Friday, while also making good progress on my sweater (the purpl-y one from a few weeks ago). I'll try to remember to take pictures!

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gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love the matching baby & sister socks, great idea! Sweet photo, too.