Sunday, September 14, 2008


The sweater was just as speedy as I'd hoped--here it is, blocked and dry already (I finished knitting on Thursday, at SnB).

The stitches along the decrease lines are a little weird--the gauge is a little loose, and I haven't yet figured out where to knit more tightly to prevent it (on the bright side, I've eliminated all of the obvious places--they didn't help). But they got better with blocking, so I suspect that they'll eventually even up. And I think I really like the shaping, so I'm tentatively planning to use this shaping on the sweater for me.

I've finished the mittens for Schaefer, but no pictures yet. I'm really happy with them--but I need to sort out whether the top shaping is as straight forward as I think it is, or if it's secretly more complex. Both of mine worked out perfectly without any fussing, but it's possible that I just got lucky.

And a rowing FO:

My boat won! Not the whole thing, of course, but our event: mixed open fours with coxes. Admittedly, there were only 2 boats total... but on the other hand, we're very new rowers (but with an experienced cox, fortunately!). And we went faster than our practice race pieces, and didn't collapse too much at the end.

And hey, here's the sweater I've started for me:

Feels like it's taking forever, but I think that's because I'm mostly working on socks. (I've just turned the heel on the second of the current pair for Kevin, and started another pair for charity.)


Marlene said...

Congratulations on your win!!! I'm sure it was lots of fun.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Congrats on the win!

Is that the yarn from Spunky's booth at Mass? Pretty colors.

(And in a totally immature moment- Heeheee- you said, "Cox")

jennsquared said...

Wooo you have a metal!!! :) That looks so cool!

The sweater looks amazing :)