Friday, August 1, 2008

Pair 10

Hey, I finished the 10th pair of socks! It's been 2 weeks since I finished my last pair, but it's still just the end of the 9th week, so amazingly, I'm still on schedule with the whole 52 pair thing. This is much longer that I figured I'd be on schedule--I was sure I'd be sick of socks the instant the challenge started, but somehow I'm still excited about deciding what yarn to use next!

And here they are:

To sum up, the pattern is Embossed Leaves from a winter issue of Interweave knits (2005?). I used a 2.5 mm needle, and about 200 yards of Leili from the Unique Sheep. I think I still have enough yarn to make a pair of anklets, but I'm going to take a little break from the yarn first!

My other projects are coming along too. I knit the dragon scarf in a flurry over 2 days after I blogged about it. I bound off after dinner, rushing into the closet to try it on in front of a mirror, and discovered that it just made me look deranged, and somewhat unraveled--probably because of the tabbed edge. (Even though I still think it looks cute on other people!) I have pictures, but I keep forgetting to upload them.

I liked the ribs through, and wanted to keep them, so I removed the tabs (quite a project since I'd started with them, and knit them perpendicularly to the rest of the scarf--I snipped one thread and picked out each stitch one at a time, pulling the cut yarn back through the stitches--it got longer and longer, but I didn't want to cut off the extra because I hadn't had much yarn to start with). Then I put the live sts from the ribbed section back on my needles, and started knitting a sweater out from there. I knit a strip about 20 sts wide from the center of the live sts (forming a Y), then knit out from the sides of the Y (formed by the sides of the Y and the live sts) to form the bodice of a sweater. Then I joined up the sides (partly--I left armholes, which may or may not become sleeves, depending how much yarn I have), and started knitting down from the lower edge. I waffled for a bit about making a cardigan or a pullover (which included knitting a couple of inches in the round, ripping, knitting a couple of inches flat, ripping, knitting a couple of inches in the round, ripping... ), but I think I've settled on a cardigan.

Obviously, I need to draw some pictures, to make up for not having taken photos!


Annie said...

Yes, I will need a drawing, or twelve to fully understand this approach. I was in so much mental anguish over the cutting and pulling yarn through, with an ever longer tail, that I was unable to appreciate the rest. And I would like to!

Congrats on the sock stick-to-it-iveness.

missalicefaye said...

And they are the prettiest socks ever! :)