Monday, August 25, 2008

Just in Time

Hey, I'm an aunt! My sister and her husband had their baby yesterday--a little girl. Everyone is doing well. Oddly, their number one priority was not telling me what I can and cannot tell the internets about their baby/my knitwear model, so I may or may not tell you more later. (People I actually know: I'll send pictures and details in a second.)

My sister had asked me to make a boppy cover for her a few weeks ago, and I finally sprung into action yesterday morning. When she first asked me to make it, I was feeling guilty about how much driving I've been doing to get to rowing practice, so I thought I'd go to Ikea to buy the fabric. (Ikea is in walking distance.) I wasn't crazy about the actual fabric, but I found some fun curtains with a great border:

The borders were wide enough to make the whole cover (I used this pattern), but it turned out I had to go to the fabric store anyway for a zipper. While I was there, I got over-excited and bought fabric to make some baby clothes, got home, sewed them up, and realized I needed another zipper. So I went back, got the zipper, and some other fabric, and somehow in the course of wandering around and having my fabric cut, lost the zipper. Naturally, I didn't realize it till I got home... so I'm going to have to go back. If you're keeping track at home, making this boppy cover has also produced 1 trip to Ikea, 2 trips to the fabric store (with another one to come), 1 new baby outfit, 2 new dresses for me (just as soon as I hem them), 1 knitting magazine, 1 package of M and Ms, and very little knitting time yesterday.

At least I managed to knit at knitting yesterday (and a great deal on Saturday), with the result that this... now almost 2 socks (just a few more rows of sock 2 to go). I've been hit by another bout of picots, so they're plain stockinette stitch socks with a picot hem. I tried a bunch of stitch patterns at first, but I didn't like any of them as much as I like the stockinette stitch sole, so stockinette stitch it was.


Cindy G said...

Congratulations on the new niece, how exciting!

And holy cow, you whip things up fast!

weeble wobble said...

I followed the picture link to see if you posted pictures of the dresses you made for yourself and instead found the legendary ice, and that Moppet appears to have had a haircut? Will you post pics of the dresses? And congrats again on becoming an aunt!!