Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey! I finished the first pair of socks! I'm not behind yet! Technically, I finished on Sunday (rather than Saturday, the last day of week 1), but that was because I didn't want to bind off on Saturday night--I wanted to read and knit and not have to pay attention, so I started pair #2. (I usually bind of my toe-up socks with this tubular bind off, so there's sewing and remembering and it's not conducive to reading.)

Oh dear... I just reread the instructions and I see I don't actually do that--and now I remember that I read those directions but didn't print them, then tried to follow them a while later without a computer. Oops. The end result is the same, but maybe the "real" way is easier, huh? I should try it!

Anyway, pair #2 is in Socks that Rock mediumweight, so I'm zipping along--they're toe up, and I'm already done with the foot, heel, and half of the cuff. AND I managed to palm the remains of the green yarn from pair #1 (my beloved Anne, from Schaefer) off on someone at knitting yesterday, so I could stop agonizing about trying to use up the rest of it now vs. moving onto a different yarn and coming back to the rest of the skein later (an exciting decision I told poor Kevin about on our bike ride on Saturday--we were on the tandem so he couldn't get away!)

No pictures of course, because I forgot entirely. Which is too bad, because in addition to the completed socks I should have taken pictures of the skirt I finally made Sunday morning (finally because I bought the fabric a couple of months ago, because I love the other skirt I made from the same pattern, and because I wore it yesterday and am wearing it now, suggesting that I really, really, really needed a black linen skirt!). And the sweater I wore yesterday--a halter I designed for New Ideas for Today's Knitting. And the new sock, of course!

(Speaking of New Ideas, if you read the customer review, my halter is the Empress Halter, one of two things the reviewer doesn't hate. Hurray for me!)

Must take pictures!


jennsquared said...

So what's the halter look like? No pic on Ravelry either. Are you gonna be able to sell that pattern separately? Cuz it sounds like no one will want to buy the book!

Sunflowerfairy said...

The link wouldn't work for me. My computer must be suffering from heat exhaustion too.

I might have started a sock, but hated the yarn so I ripped it.

I thought of you while I knit the inch or so that I had. I have no idea how you are going to do so many socks, but if anyone can, you can!

Cindy G said...

must have pictures...