Monday, June 16, 2008

More Socks

I have a feeling this is going to get a little boring for everyone, but look! I made some socks!

These are the pair from last time--I think the pattern is called garter stitch rib, but I'm not certain. In any case, it alternates 1 row knit plain, and 1 row of P1, K2 (although you could use any rib pattern). I tend to use garter stitch ribs rather than regular ribs because I'm not crazy about how my regular ribs looks in many (most?) yarns--the tension is wacky. So rather than trying to fix it, I do this instead (and it has the added benefit of being slightly faster, since some rows are just knit).

And then I made these from the scraps, using this pattern. (That's a link right to the pdf--they're the Leftover Baby Socks in Ravelry.)

I made both of them in about 24 hours, and wow, did that feel like cheating (even though the 52PP rules say baby socks count), so I may not do it that often. But I wanted to get ahead this week because I'm trying to knit a rectangular stole for afghans for Afghans, and it needs to be done in July... obviously, this will take more than a week, since it needs to be at least 20" x 66". Sadly, it's not that exciting to look at either--they don't want too much open work and asked that it be warn, so I'm using a pattern that's just knit and purl, and it looks like a blue rectangle.

What's funny is that even 3 pairs in, I already felt funny not having a pair of socks in progress, so although my plan was to work mostly on the stole during the "extra" time (till the end of this week, when I'll have dropped back to 1 pair/week pace... can you tell I bike and run?), I cast on for another pair anyway.

Lenore, from last year's Socks that Rock Club (STR is a theme, apparently, although this will be the end of it, as this is the last skein). Sorry for the more-abysmal-than-usual picture--I used my phone.

To distract from the sock focus, maybe I'll tell the story of Kevin's race (in which many people swim in the Hudson without actually going anywhere) next time?

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jennsquared said...

holy crap that was fast! And I can tell you took the picture at work because I think we have the same desk! LOL.