Sunday, November 18, 2007

Market Basket

On Sunday afternoon, I realized I was in danger of leaving Sierra Leone without a single souvenir, so I walked down the hill from the hotel to a little market area, where I'd seen some baskets from the car window. The gentleman working there was just about to pack up for the evening (I may have spent a couple of hours trying to decide if I wanted to go down or not... not that I would every agonize over anything!), but he brought out his baskets and I picked one.

Note: Yarn Not Included!

I bought it, carried it back to the hotel and immediately decided it had been a silly thing to buy. What was I going to do with a basket? I have many baskets already. How was I going to carry it home on the plane? etc.

But it turns out, I have plenty to put in it! I did not have anywhere near this much sock yarn 3 weeks ago--80% of this is the package from Schaefer Yarns that I was so sad to leave behind when I went to Florida and then to Sierra Leone. And during that same time, I receive a Woolgirl sock club shipment and a STR sock club shipment. Then for good measure, I traded with another SnBer this week and she gave me some extra sock yarn as a present!

Blue Annes

These lovelies, for example, are 3 skeins of Anne (wool, mohair and nylon... I love, love, love this yarn. And not just because it was free! I think I've given away all the full size socks I've made from it, but I have 3 pairs of footlets I've made from scraps, and they make me happy every time I put them on. Note to self: don't give away so many socks!).

It's hard to tell from the picture, but one's purples, one's blues, and one's a mix of blue, purple and green (that one has a fraternal twin who didn't want her picture taken). I'm thinking about combining them all into some kind of shawl (or maybe the fraternal twins plus the semi-solid blue or purple into a sweater? How crazy am I?). Otherwise, 2008 will have to be the year of the sock!


jennsquared said...

haha market basket, like the supermarket from MA!!!

That is a pretty cool basket and holy moly you have a lot of sock yarn!!!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Every fiber fair I go to, I drool over these baskets. Every time I talk myself out of them.

The basket is beautiful and I think it's the perfect reminder of your trip.

Anonymous said...

You know...I bought some nice baskets to put my yarn in. I leave them on top of my craft table and cover them in a piece of fabric so that cats don't get into them. I even tuck the fabric underneath the yarn. Yet they still manage to find my yarn and unwind it around the whole house. And the kicker is once they've picked through the basket for a ball or cake to their liking (usually the expensive stuff) they somehow manage to tuck the fabric back in! (As if I'm not gonna notice the yarn all over my floor)
I don't know why I just told you all this but the picture of the basket reminded me of this. :)

Karen said...

If you want knit yourself a fine-gauge sweater, definitely use yarn that makes you so happy!