Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Semiannual Report

I give up... I'm never going to write about the past 6 months in detail, so I will sum up:

I ran a lot (including a marathon in Iceland in August, and I'm going to run the Philly marathon on November 18), rowed a lot (including a bunch of boats at masters nationals in Worcester, and an 8+ in the Head of the Charles--which finished 6 out of 17 so we have a guaranteed entry for next year, hurray!) and probably in consequence, feel like I have knit less than usual.

 Even knitting less, my sweater collection is outgrowing its allotted space--if I make too many more, we will have to move.  The situation with shawls, socks, hats and mittens isn't much better.  Oh, and cowls!  Not good.

In response, I have been trying to give away or fix things that never quite worked out.  I turned one of the sweaters from Problem Sweater Week (the purple one) into a shrug (this one, but with slightly shorter sleeves because I didn't quite have enough yarn for long sleeves).  I like the new incarnation, and I think I've worn it more in the past couple of months than I every wore the original.  Maybe I will remember to take pictures of it, some day.

And I'm currently reknitting the lower body on my Summer Solstice sweater, in order to remove the front extensions.  I like the front extensions on other people's sweaters, but I think my fabric was a little thicker, so it didn't drape well and I always wanted to fidget with it.  I'm hoping the regular version will be a better match for my fabric.  It feels a little silly to put more time into this yarn (it's turned out to be very pill-prone), but I really like the color.

Also, HURRAY! 

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