Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Plan...

Clearly, I was not meant to be a fashion blogger, since I couldn't even make it through a week of posting my sweaters every day! It started feeling very self-centered. (How is this more self-centered than writing about my knitting all the time? Who knows!)

Anyway, I've been making the Nemesis socks, from a few Knittys (Knitties?) ago.

I suspect they may turn out to be slipper-y socks, because they are a cashmere blend, and slightly on the loose side. The yarn is Lush, from Forbidden Woolery, and I'm using size 1.5 needles. I'm knitting the larger size--72 stitches, which is not an unusual number of stitches for socks, for me, with these needles. But I think they'll be great as slipper-esque socks.

My other new plan concerns the doomed Malin (lacy vest, which I was knitting from brown Baby Kid Extra), which has morphed into Belinda (lacy, 2 color wrap from the second mason Dixon Knitting book). Poor Malin was doomed for a couple of reasons: the lace pattern was driving me batty, and wasn't really reading very clearly when I stretched it over clothes I hoped to wear it with. Too fuzzy, I think, and the solid areas of the fabric weren't solid enough to provide a clear contrast with the YOs.

After an inch of work, Belinda seems like a much better idea: the lace is much more graphic (and easier to work), so it will read more clearly over patterned fabric. But get back to me again when I've knit an acre of repetitive lace length-wise, and have to knit a second acre of the same lace width-wise!

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