Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I acquired 2 new things in the last week that I'd been resisting forever: interchangeable needles and my very own rowing machine.

As it turns out, they're lovely. Even though the front hall is just about the most boring place ever, erging is so much more pleasant when the erg isn't broken. The ergs at the gym face the wall anyway--at least the wall at home is clean. (And as long as the erg can hang from the bike hooks in the winter when the bikes can go in the storage unit, we won't have to move!)

The needles are great too--I haven't really taken advantage of the interchangeable-ness yet, but Knit Picks is a significant improvement over whatever random needles I'd been using (Susan Bates?). A couple of years after the rest of the knitting world, I've just discovered that KP needles are really pointy and smooth! The join doesn't catch! The cord is flexible! Hurray!

I'm like a Soviet gymnast who's just discovered that the rest of the world has been tumbling on springy floors for decades. Imagine how excited I'll be when I finally see the shampoo aisle in a capitalist grocery store!


AniDoll said...
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AniDoll said...

LOL!!! That last paragraph had me in stitches! Well not stitches, but it was pretty funny!

I'm so happy about you're awesome new gifts! YAY! <3

InStitches said...

I love my interchangeable needle set from Denise! It's so easy to add length as a shawl gets bigger and bigger. It's easy to change to the next size when you've finished the ribbing on a sweater. Friends also have KnitPicks and love them. Whatever interchangeables, they are a gift to knitters!

AniDoll said...

Funny story, I was knitting a shawl on my Denise interchangables... they came undone in the middle! I nearly freaked out! But I do love them!