Monday, January 3, 2011

Sew Secret

Amongst all the secret knitting before Christmas, there was some secret sewing:

I managed to make this quilt for Kevin (and it's not small--those blocks are about 11" square, plus the sashing (?) and border), without him noticing. Months ago, he cut up a bunch of his race t-shirts to make a quilt. We weren't sure what to do next (and mostly wanted someone else to do the rest), so we just put the squares in a pile and ignored them. A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, I got the idea of finishing them for him--and figured that as long as the pile kept looking about the same, and I only worked on it when he wasn't home, he wouldn't notice (fortunately, he'd cut out a bunch of extra squares which acted as a decoy once I'd taken the real squares).

So I spent a few frenzied days buying fabric, cutting everything up, and piecing it back together (I spent most of a Saturday ironing on interfacing, and did all the sewing the Monday before Thanksgiving). When we went to Ithaca at Thanksgiving, I left the top, batting, and backing fabric there to be machine quilted, then my mom mailed it to my in-laws' house the Monday before Christmas, and it was there when we arrived.

I think keeping Kevin's quilt a surprise makes up for knitting his socks in front of him in the car on December 23 (telling him every few minutes that he might get a sock and a half a skein of yarn, and would that be ok?), don't you? Hey, I finished on the 24th, without even staying up late--plenty of time!

(Too bad I still need to sew a binding on the quilt, huh?)

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Anonymous said...

And, did Kevin love the quilt?!

I think you working on it in secrecy is just so cool. I imagine him being very surprised.