Friday, December 17, 2010


Once again, the holiday challenge on the Concept 2 site will come down to a race between me and the gym--will I finish before the gym closes/we leave town? Will I erg extra meters over the weekend to give myself a cushion in case I get lazy next Tuesday? (I feel pretty confident about Monday and Wednesday, since there's schedule practice.) Will I convince Kevin to speed all the way to my in-laws' house so I have extra time to erg at their fitness center? Stay tuned--I have about 60,000 m to go, and only 5 days before the gym closes (but 7 days till the challenge ends--so really, it's all a question of the gym).

In a related vein, I'm down to just a few things left to knit for Christmas. I can't say what they are, naturally, but it's about 650 yards of yarn. Since I'm not tied to the gym schedule, have 13-15 hours as a passenger coming up, and am significantly more excited about knitting that erging (how can that be?), that's totally doable... except that I'm losing focus and spent all of SnB yesterday working on the purple sweater yoke. Interesting, I unraveled enough fabric to cover the shoulders and upper chest plus a giant collar, and I'm re-knitting enough fabric to cover the shoulders and upper chest minus the gigantic collar, and it still seems like I might run out of yarn. Naturally, this makes me want to knit faster in order to find out the bad news as soon as possible. (It's Cascade 220, so I should be able to find more yarn that's meant to be the same color easily enough... but will the dye lots be even remotely similar?) Possibly I will try to finish up the yoke as well as the gifts, then have all new projects for the drive?

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