Monday, October 11, 2010


I've been thinking about this sweater a lot lately.

I made it maybe 5 years ago, pre-Ravelry. It's meant to be knit from Rowan Calmer (as I recall), but I used Cascade 220 so it's more jacket-y. At the time, I liked that, but I haven't worn it much the last few winters, and I think it's partly to do with the shoulders, which are weirdly square when seen from the front. And the collar is overpowering--it's knit separately, then folded in half and sewn on. In the pattern book pictures, it folds down and stays down, but wool is perkier than Calmer, so my collar pops itself back up constantly. Also I'm not a very jacket-y person, as it turns out.

But I do really like purple, and the ridges around the waist (and there are similar ones around the cuffs). Although looking at them in this picture, they make me look very thick. Or possibly sweater photography on Thanksgiving was a bad idea?

Anyway, I'd like to get rid of the collar, at least, but then I'm not sure how to finish the neck--I'm worried that something more subtle might look unfinished. I've thought about taking off the arms and collar, then ripping back the tops of the sleeves and upper body, then joining all the parts and knitting a yoke in the round, possibly with the same ridges as on the lower hem. That would also let me eliminate the knitted-in button bands (very finished looking, but stiff), and replace them with something more flexible, since they need to come off anyway. And then I could get rid of the silly little buttons, which look like the afterthoughts they are.

On the other hand, I half remember hating the ridge construction process, and maybe I'd be better off giving the sweater away as is (as a wearable garment, I mean), rather than possibly turning it into a tangled mess, then looking for a victim... er... lucky recipient?

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Peaceful Knitter said...

oooh, I like the ridges! I think if you're looking for a project, the yoked and ridgy idea sounds good.