Friday, September 3, 2010


I still haven't taken any picture of the shawl. But my friends and I rowed our marathon. The water was much, much, much (how many times can I say that before it gets redundant? Imagine that it's repeated enough to fill the screen, at least) rougher than we're used to--there were white caps at one point, and because the river is much wider than our river, the motorized boats were bigger, which means bigger wake. So it took longer than we expected--but we did it!

And we came in second in the doubles overall and first in the women's doubles. (There were four to start with, two stopped at the half-marathon, and we beat the other one. Hurray!) The friend who rowed a single came in second in singles.

I meant to work on my current shawl design on the drive, but left my pattern notes at home. So I knit a sock instead--started in the car as we left, finished as we got close to home on the way back. No pictures of that either.

And I started a cardigan, Eilonwy (I think that link will work for everyone), which I found in Ravelry. Actually, that was a week or two ago, now that I think about it.

Anyway, I love it so far--I've gotten to just below the waist--but I think I'm going to knit an adaptation. The original was knit in wool, but I subbed soft linen, a wool and alpaca blend. Because my yarn is less elastic, the pattern around the yoke wants to pull in. That's fine at the yoke--it makes the neckline a little v-shaped, which is cute--but less good around the hips. So I think I'll just continue the stripes (actually garter stitch plus stripes), with a wider band of garter stitch stripes for the lower hem instead of garter stitch in the contrast color. And I might do the same stripes on the button band.

Hey, late-breaking addition: pictures from the marathon!

I know the water looks smooth in those pictures, but they were mostly taken in a protected area behind an island. And it got choppier as the day went on. We're laughing because we survived the Culvert of Doom (it turns out we're not very good at rowing through culverts), and because it's still the first lap. By about that point in the second lap, I thought I might be dying of sunscreen in the eye.

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