Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fight the Pooling

Here's the sweater in progress for Schaefer Yarns--not that you can tell from this picture, but it's knit side to side.

I thought that would keep my useless superpower--casting on the perfect number of stitches for dramatic pooling (pooling=lining up the colors in hand-painted yarn to form weird blotches)--from engaging.

It wasn't, at least not for the body, so I've been knitting this alternating yarn from 2 skeins. It's easy enough, but it makes the project less portable. And the shawl isn't super portable either, thanks to the beads... especially since the tip broke off my smallest crochet hook, and the next smallest one is just slightly bigger--so it only fits in about half of the beads (all meant to be the same size, but not really).

But I was a good knitter, and brought them both with me to Mass this weekend. And to Kevin's race this morning (a half marathon at Rocky Neck State Park). They've both reached the home stretch, I think, if things keep going well.

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