Friday, February 26, 2010

Maybe Done

The Solstice Sweater is possibly finished, and blocking as we speak. Or as I type, at least.

Possibly because I may want to add a little bit of edging to the the front edges (clear as mud, right?), and the length may not be quite right--all that talk of knitting the neckband before I bound off to be sure I had the length right, but really the issue was the the edge curled, and stuck away from my body (because I kept trying it on while it was still on the needles--what did I expect?). I'm hoping the blocking will fix both those problems.

Here's the thing--I'm not sure what to knit next. I have a sock in progress (Monkey socks, int he yarn that only wanted to be Monkeys), but I still want a big project, since I sprinted through the Solstice Sweater.

On the other hand, I'm distracted by the rest of the last skein from Solstice. I have about 300 yards left, and I'd kind of like to use it up (maybe a hat?), but I shouldn't use it till I'm sure about the edges and length of the sweater.

Maybe it's time for some spinning?

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Annie Driscoll said...

Lace. I recommend lace. I'm planning to finish my Ravelympics vest tonight and then....I'm going back to my long hibernating Twinings, made with the gorgeous Trenna I got from a friend. :) I literally can't wait. The old Twinings had to be undone (entirely too MUCH twining and untwining), and I was annoyed with it for a while, but the yarn calls....