Friday, February 19, 2010


I didn't cast on (or even choose) an Olympic project because of the trip to Mexico. I've been wanting to knit a sweater but hadn't picked one by the time we left, and grabbing yarn and needles at the last minute seemed like a recipe for indecision--a sweater's worth of yarn takes up a lot of room, and I didn't want to change my mind and have to lug around a sweater's worth of the wrong yarn.

But now maybe I do want to knit one--I have five skeins of Sheep 3 from the Sheep Shop Yarn Company in a light green that would look springy but be warm--perfect for New England. (Honestly, I am a little perplexed by the color. It's pretty but doesn't look like me. I think the Webs warehouse must have confused me.) After some waffling, I'm leaning towards Summer Solstice, but adding these modifications to the front.

I swatched yesterday and if I cast on tonight, I'll only be starting a week late. Possibly I am one of those athletes who thinks she's better than everyone else and can barely be bothered to attend the Olympics--I'll refuse to live in the athletes' village, get on TV for staying out late the night before my event, then a.) do wonderfully or b.) do terribly.

In this case, terribly would involve getting bogged down in those acres of stockinette stitch. Even more acres than the original, thanks to my plan of modifying the front. Possibly I shouldn't call this my Olympic sweater, just to be on the safe side?

I've just noticed that I'm about a half dozen projects behind entering things into Ravelry, as well as writing about them here. I've made 2 pairs of socks (Shur'tugal and some basic socks with a garter stitch rib), a shawl (Damson), and 2 hats (yet another Wurm and a 2x2 ribbed hat for charity) without writing about them (plus 2 projects I can't post about). Bad knitblogger!

Except for the Shur'tugal socks (which took forever for no apparent reason--when I buckled down to work on them, I finished the second sock in a couple of days, after it had been stalled at the cuff for weeks), everything else has been speedy, like little knitting snacks. I knit Damson in 2 days--one day of concentrated knitting on the way back from Mexico, then one day of scattered knitting to finish up the border. (Must take pictures!) I think that's why I want to knit a sweater. But, due to my late arrival/tendency to stay out late at the Knitting Olympics, the sweater will have to be speedy too.

Speaking of knitting snacks, I started another pair of Monkey socks yesterday. I bought some very pink and purple sock yarn (which doesn't look like me either) at a sheep and wool festival last year. I tried it in a couple of other patterns, but it just wants to be Monkeys.

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Annie Driscoll said...

Interesting that you picked that sweater. I'm planning on making it for my sister Kate, but she wants it in black and those acres of stockinette mean I'm planning to leave it until my summer knitting. I have some old Jaeger Wool Stretch which should be perfect.

I'm going with the modifications, too.