Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not Quite Right

Sorry for being such a boring blogger... I've been working on gifts, which I couldn't show (although as they've been given, now I can), and a design, which I'm not sure if I can show (but it's done now).

A while back I started knitting Henley Perfected, from IK (it's here on Ravelry). I'm using the Sylph (a wool, silk and mohair blend) I bought a year ago in San Francisco, and I'm not sure it's the right yarn for the project. It's a bit lighter than the yarn used in the original, and because I just barely have enough as it is, the trick of following the directions for a larger size on smaller needles to get the right size is out. The lighter yarn means the solid portions are a bit sheer, which sometimes seems like it might be a bad idea. Plus, I'm not crazy about how the lace it turning out (even after blocking--I finished a sleeve Friday night and blocked it).

I think I might want to try something else with it--I love the yarn, and I don't want not to love what I make with it. I've been coveting the Endless Cardi Shawl (or here, on Ravelry) fora while--I'm especially fond of this version.

Then today at Stitches I really liked the Savvy Origami Wrap (there's a knitted version too), and although the pattern was only available there as a kit, it looks like you can buy just the pattern online.

So now I'm torn. I think the wrap cardi would be more useful, but the origami wrap was so cozy. But maybe it would look too much like a blanket? Or maybe I should wait and make the origami wrap out of handspun (there's a garter stitch version, which had handspun written all over it). Or maybe I should just stick with the henley?

Waffle, waffle, waffle.

At least I'll have pictures of the gifts next time I post (and maybe even my recent purchases... Rhinebeck and Stitches... it's been a very yarn-y month!).


Peaceful Knitter said...

They both look warm and cozy... I think if it were me I'd choose the Endless Cardi; the styling options are appealing and the knitting looks a little more interesting. 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

The endless cardi shawl looks perfect for it!