Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book Sale!

My mom volunteers at her town's public library book sale (which is not like the public library book sale you're imagining--it's the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library Book Sale, and it's a gigantic operation that fills an entire warehouse with used books. There are two sales a year, and people line up overnight to be the first ones in the building in the mornings. When I was growing up, the paperbacks were fill-a-bag for a couple of dollars on the last day, which was the best thing ever for a speed reader who'd read anything. Visit this weekend if you're in the area!).

Sorry--I got a little distracted. The point is: Mom. Book sale. Semi-heated warehouse in upstate New York in October.


Finished pre-pneumonia, fortunately.

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Peaceful Knitter said...

That sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!