Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm finished Hey Teach, and am in the midst of figuring out enough about the sweater I'm designing for Schaefer to cast on (no need to worry about that beginning of September deadline... I have a lot of plane and conference knitting coming up!).

I had a strangely difficult time with the sleeve caps on Hey Teach--I knit the correct size, as written, and they were both too small for me (must be all that rowing), and too small for the other pieces of the sweater (the perimeter of the sleeve cap was about 4 inches too short for the perimeter of the armscythe).

So then I knit a new sleeve, this time following the directions as written for the 2-sizes-bigger sleeve. That one fit me, but the cap perimeter was still 2 inches too small for the armscythe. So I ripped back part of the sleeves cap, and re-knit it with more plain rows (to make it taller). And that one finally fit.

It's unusual for me to have problems like this, and I'm not sure where things went wrong. Just to be on the safe side, I'm going to have Moppet inspect my knitting from here on out:

If she can stay focused.


cafeeclectic said...

Moppet is too cute!

Glad the sleeves are finally done!

Chris said...

What a frustration with those sleeves. Glad you were able to work it out. And Moppet? A cutie! She doesn't try to eat or dig into your knitting??