Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm amazingly tired--Wednesday's and Thursday's workouts were an obvious attempt to kill us all, and I made things worse by biking with Kevin Wednesday night, then running after practice yesterday. All I was good for after that was napping--even knitting was too tiring (fortunately, Thursday's not one of my days at work).

Speaking of biking, anyone who thinks people have become unfriendly and too busy to chat should try riding a tandem bike (or a Vespa). When we're actually riding, we're followed by an echo of "look at that bike! I want a bike like that!" And when we're stopped near the bike (on Monday, for example, I sat on a bench at the beach while Kevin swam with the other Sharks), people want to know where we got it, how much it cost, if it's hard to ride together, etc.

One time, we were stopped for a red light and a police car pulled up next to us. We may have rolled through a stop sign at the previous corner, so I was sure the officer was going to lecture us about bike safety. But no; he wanted to know where we got the bike, if it was fun to ride, and if it had been hard to learn.

I'm having a hard time cutting back on socks. I've backed off from a pair a week, but it seems like I might still be knitting a sock a week (although I guess cutting my sock output in half is progress--but on the other hand, even if I keep halving my output forever, I will never not be knitting socks! Good thing Zeno wasn't a sock knitter.)

Anyway, more socks:

That's Hedrea and Muscari from Knitty, and Lindsay from Sock Innovation.

All knit from Anne, which is possibly my favorite yarn ever.

And Muscari and Lindsay close up:

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