Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Colorguard Instructors Would be so Proud

We mostly maintained the right stroke ratings (that's strokes per minute--which supposedly is set by the stroke, although it just felt like I was rowing whatever rate the rest of the boat was rowing), despite my previous poor track record of maintaining anything like an even pace at anything (starting with my inability to march and spin a flag in time with music, or the rest of the guard). And it only took 18 (19?) years!

Also, there's this point, right before the last piece of hard workout, when the cox tells us to empty the tank on the next (last) one. Every time she says it, I remember (for the first time all practice) that I'm planning to run as soon as I get home--which makes it all the harder to row with everything I have left.

(Hey, I'm knitting some socks! And I started a shawl, but I'm not happy with the needle-yarn combo. The needles are bamboo with a bumpy cord-to-needle transition, and the yarn's silk... which you'd think would be slippery, but somehow it sticks.)

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