Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I think I mentioned my plan to knit more of my handspun this year? Well, I tried--I had some superwash merino that spun up kind of stripy, so I set out to make another baby surprise jacket. Things seemed promising--I'd started with 4 oz of wool, the same amount as the last time I used handspun for a bsj (when I had plenty left over, and I'm spinning much finer now that I used to, so I figured I'd have more yardage this time.

But I didn't:

(At that point, I still have maybe 20 more rows to knit--the extension of the body, and the front borders, which include the buttonholes.)

Fortunately, I had coordinating solid yarn floating around, so I finished off with that:

Of course, I'd used some of that skein for something else (or at least some swatches?) already, so I nearly ran out of it too. That little ball on the left is all that's left!

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Anonymous said...

wow! That's a close call! But now you used up two skeins of yarn!!! :) And i love the color combo! Cute!