Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Very Bright

Practice started for real this morning (we were just playing around last week evidently). The coach figured out the line-ups before hand, had the coxes really yell at/encourage us, and had us row hard by 8s (that's everyone in the boat at once--which means it's never your turn to rest/keep the boat stable). Hurray!

By the end though, one of my palms was oddly sore... I couldn't figure out why, till I got back in the car and looked at it in the light, when I was shocked to discover blisters! Who knows what I thought the problem was, but blisters hadn't occurred to me. See? Not very bright.

Sadly, one of them is in the very same spot that longer DPNs hit the base of my pinky. AND they all get squished when I shift gears (driving, I mean, not knitting).

I'm persevering though--this...

...has grown the rest of its leg and cuff--I just need to bind off.

The yarn (Colinette Jitterbug) is part of an ongoing chain of buying a new skein in order to use up a skein from stash. First, I knit a pair of socks with contrasting toes and heals, using yarn from 2 different sock clubs which happened to coordinate. Then I knit the club pattern from the contrast color, but didn't have enough of the main color to knit a full pair. So I bought this skein to strip together with it. Then I didn't have enough of this skein to make a complete pair, so I bought the turquoise yarn for contrasting toes and heels (when I went to Webs a few weeks ago--it's Shibui Sock).

And now I'm going to have a bunch of that left over instead!

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Baby Beth said...

Feel free to knit me the craziest looking pair of socks ever to use us all those scraps. My shoe size is 8...and my foot is normal, I think. Not narrow, not wide.