Friday, April 3, 2009

Laziest Blogger Ever!

And I'm not quite sure why. Or, I am, but the reasons are kind of boring too--working from home 2 days a week has somehow convinced me to work out more (and snack more, so it's just as well that I'm working out more), but I don't think I'm knitting more than usual, and I'm definitely not taking any more pictures than usual. So all my pictures are of Baby E:

I did make the sweater, so it's semi-knitting related... what's weird is that I knit this sweater and a coordinating hat last summer, before E was born. They were from the same book and (if I'm remembering correctly), meant to fit at about the same age. But the hat fit when E was a newborn, and the sweater's just fitting now, although the sleeves are still too long. Poor E will have to push them up so she can type.

So, about all that exercising:

We started rowing outside this week, and it's no where near as cold as you'd think (it was in the 40s 2 days, and about 25 the other day). And it's gorgeous. We're supposed to get there by 5:35 (yes, that's AM... worse, it's about 30 minutes from my house and I don't want to be late, so I leave 5), and start rowing at 5:45, so it's still dark. (Don't worry, the boats all have lights, and we stay close together, and near the launch... also, there's no one else out there!).

Meanwhile, I'm erging a bunch. Concept2 runs these challenges all year through its website (like the one I did in December), and I find the promise of downloadable certificates and inclusion in online lists strangely compelling. (Really, it's very strange!) During the last 2 weeks of April, there's the Global Marathon Challenge (erg a marathon or half marathon), so I'm training for that--like a running training program, it's a matter of building up 1 long row a week, while doing shorter workouts nearly every day. And the site ran a March Madness challenge, which was erging at least 5,000 m (3.1 miles) or 10,000 m (6.2 miles) at least 25 days in March. So I did that (the 10K version, because of the marathon training). I have 1 long erg (30,000 m/18.6 miles) left, then the marathon (42,195 meters), plus all the regular daily rows till then.

And I'm running (although much, much, much less than this time last year... I'm still happy not to be training for anything particular!).

And it's finally nice enough to start biking--we went for a tiny trial ride on the tandem on Saturday, and an hour-long ride yesterday. And didn't tip over!

And I'm trying to be better about strength training. Which I hate (even though I know it would really be good for me) so it's the workout I'm most likely to skip. And feel guilty about.

See? Not as much knitting. Plus, a couple of the things I'm knitting are for publication (or at least for publication, I hope), so I can't show them anyway.

All of which makes for less knit blogging.

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