Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sock Update

Just to be tricky, I used some light green Schaefer Heather that didn't make it into the photo session for 2 stripes and the ribs... I didn't mean to be contrary ("Ha! Of course you did!" says Kevin), but when I tried knitting option 4, it seemed too dark for the rest of the socks--and the light green matches just as well color-wise (meaning, only somewhat), and is a similar value to the sock yarn. (I think I mean value?)

I just have to knit a couple more rows of rib and cast off, so the striped socks should be done soon... (also, Must. Write. Up. Patterns!)

And I took pictures of Pair 18 (the lovely Spring Forward Socks, knit on size 2 needles with Cuaran yarn from Ancient Threads.

I'm amazed at how stretchy these are--the pattern said they'd stretch up to 11-12 inches, and they do.

I've decided the way to take pictures (without annoying Kevin) is to sit on a bench, lean over, and rest the camera on the ground. Of course, I can't actually see what I'm taking a picture of, but it's easy to delete the ones where it turns out that I've missed my feet. So there will be lots of feet-under-bench pictures (some with an arm or finger along one side, like this one...), till I get bored and make Kevin help again.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! I loved the baby ones!!! You are sure making progress on socks, unlike me...

Karen said...

Good idea on the photos. Does the camera have a self timer setting? Then you could start the thing and get your arm out of the way and your feet well arranged before the shutter actually clicked.