Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Someone named Judie asked a question about the stitch count in the comments of the post about my Chevron Wrap pattern, but didn't leave an email address so I can't clarify where in the pattern she is. (And I can't figure out from the email addresses/user ids of people who bought that pattern who she might be.)

If you're Judie, please comment again here, and let me know exactly which row isn't working out for you, and how many stitches you have--Schaefer Yarns had the pattern test knit and tech edited, so it should be right... but you never know!

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Octopus Knits said...

Hi Rebecca,

Judie actually left me a Ravelry message about this (since I knit one for Schaefer), and I think I answered her question (though I never heard back, so...).

Here's her question (bottom) and my answer:

Hi Judie,

I can see why you’re confused, but I think I’ve got the answer.

For Rows 1,2, and 3 there is one stitch at the beginning of the row that is not part of the repeat. The repeated portion is 8 stitches long and will be repeated 7 times for 56 stitches, so the repeated portion plus the odd stitch at the beginning = 57 sts.

For Row 4, There are two purl stitches at the beginning of the row that are not involved in the repeat. Again the repeat is 8 stitches long and you will do 7 repeats, but on the last repeat you will end with p2 instead of the usual p3 to make up for the additional stitch at the beginning. So, you’ll purl 2, do 6 regular repeats and finish with a final repeat that is short one stitch = 57 sts.

Hope this helps :)


From: gator222
chevron wrap by Rebecca Harcher
Sent at 1:05 PM October 25, 2008
I am trying to knit this shawl. My problem is Row 4 of the Daintier Chevron pattern where you P2 yo, p2tog, p1, p2tog-b,yo p3, rep from across,end p2. Working on 57 stitches (63-6 for the borders) the math doesn’t work out. Help! This really has me stumped.