Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yarn Shortage Averted!

So, this post will be temporarily photo-less, because while I took some pictures, they're still on my camera. But I got a bunch of new yarn in the mail yesterday. The April shipment from Socks that Rock (which I won't post pictures of, just in case someone else in the sock club finds their way here and didn't want to see the yarn yet. Apparently, this is a huge deal for some people, but I kind of like seeing the yarn before I get it--even though the surprise is ruined, it extends the fun of project planning, since you have actual information about the yarn to plan with... but I guess if you're definitely going to make the pattern they sent, there's less fun to be had in planning).

I'm not sure if I'm going to use the pattern they sent. It's lacy, and I'm not the biggest fan of lace socks--and since I've already messed with the previous STR kit, I might as well mess with this one too. On the other hand, I have made one pair of lace socks that I really like, and maybe I'll like these too. Tune in after I finish the Hill Country Socks!

And I got a shipment of yarn from Schaefer Yarns--some of their chunky Alpaca in a new color (suddenly, I can't remember if it's 100% alpaca or a blend, and I'm too lazy to look). I don't think it's on their site yet, but it's gorgeous--all different shades of brown. And designing something from this yarn will be perfect--it's wonderful to knit with, but it's so warm that I can't really wear it unless I'm going to be sitting still somewhere freezing. They also sent me 2 more skeins of socks yarn, for some new socks designs.

As usual, this yarn appeared just as I was congratulating myself on having made some progress on my total yarn mileage in preparation for a million woolly events in the next few weeks. The hourglass sweater used a bit more than four of the six skeins of Andy's Merino, and I knit a box (not yet felted) from Mason Dixon Knitting from the rest. Then I whipped up two hats from Wool by Bessie (I'm apparently in a Farmhouse Yarns phase!), to be donated somewhere. That's about 3/4 of a mile of yarn (counting the sweater)... and poof, I have more yarn to add to my mileage. (I cheat a little, and don't add in yarn that's meant for Schaefer design projects... it's not really mine, right?)

Next time... pictures of the new yarn, and my master plan for May knitting. (Let's not discuss my lack of a master plan for my May work-work, okay?)


Annie said...

It is perfectly correct not to count the Schaefer yarn to be used in designs as stash. However, and we must be clear on this, it MUST be added into your knitted yarn mileage once you have actually knit it.

Planning to knit it, while enormously fun, does not count toward miles knit.

jennsquared said...

I wouldn't count Schaefer Yarn either. It's not yours to use forever... you are just borrowing it right now :)

Debby said...

Just when you finish a few things, the postperson comes around and tempts you with more yarn! It will be fun to see your list of projects for May.

I hope your training is going well. We had a beautiful weekend last weekend, and Chris and I did a 30 mile bike ride (lots of hills!). We have another ride scheduled for tomorrow along the coast that will be flatter, and I think longer.