Sunday, April 8, 2007

New Yarn

It's been quite the week for yarn acquisition. I was just feeling pleased with myself on Tuesday for having used up some stray, leftover skeins from other projects, and thinking that my total yarn mileage was inching downwards... but another part of my brain was secretly worried about running out, because in addition to the Anne which wasn't my fault, I went to the Farmhouse Yarns sale on Friday. And then again yesterday.

Here's the haul from Friday, when I split a "fill-a-bag" with a friend from SnB, and also bought some deep blue merino roving (because evidently the roving I bought in preparation for possibly spinning last weekend wasn't enough... have I posted pictures of that yet?). Fill-a-bag is essentially what it sounds like: you pay $189, and get to squeeze as much yarn into a big shopping bag as you can. Nearly $200 initially seems expensive, but the yarn is all hand-dyed, and made from semi-local wool (some of it is from New York, but I grew up in New York so that's local enough for me). And it's something like 50% off the cost of the same yarn in a yarn store, depending on how much you can fit into your bag. And because I wore a sweater I made from her yarn, Carol gave me an extra $10 off.

The dark red, which looks nearly black in some lights, is Andy's Merino in the color called Boysenberry. I'm planning to make simple bottom-up raglan sweater--something like the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I say planning, but I'm actually about halfway through the second sleeve. I've already made this sweater once, more or less (but I lengthened the sleeves and made the body more fitted, and the neck smaller), and I wear it all the time. I decided to make the insides of the hems in a contrasting yarn--some leftover Farmhouse Yarns from the sale in November.

The pink (or light red, depending on the light) yarn is also 100% merino. It's not labeled, and I'm not sure if it's one of the regular yarns that lost its label, or a sample that never went into production. In any case, I'm thinking about making a scarf for my sister, because for some reason this kind of pink reminds me of her. Or maybe I'll change my mind before I get around to it... her birthday and Christmas are both a long way off.

I'm not sure what the multicolored skein is--it's also unlabeled--but it's definitely wool. It looks like a chunky handspun, but I don't think it really is. In any case, it and its fraternal twin are destined to be a hat or scarf or mittens (apparently, I'm not quite ready for spring!).

When I went back again yesterday to meet a friend of mine from Boston, I tried to be more restrained. There was a worrisome moment when the fill-a-bag called out to me, but I resisted and instead bought a single skein of Carol's sock yarn, a wool and nylon blend in some purple-y colors. I think it's meant to be sock yarn, but it's a little heavier than I like my socks, so I'm thinking a baby sweater for one of the many imprending babies.

And speaking of impending babies, I finished the baby pants (and will try to take a picture soon!), with enough extra to make some more booties (maybe for different babies? Matching socks and pants might be a little much--or maybe they wouldn't fit at the same time anyway?). And the Martha shawl is done and blocked, so that will have to be part of the upcoming photo session as well. Maybe I'll try to take pictures somewhere other than the yarn bowl above the fireplace? Stay tuned!


Debby said...

What beautiful yarn! It's hard to restrain yourself at a sale like that, with all those hand-dyed skeins. They get me every time. :)

jennsquared said...

So are you done with those blue roving yet? I wanna see yarn from roving!