Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashion Blogger

When I've had enough of libraries and archives up, I'm going to be a fashion blogger:

Notice the turned in toes, and refusal to look at the camera... I will need to work on being less blurry though!

Or maybe a bull fighter:

My inherent blurriness will be less of a problem, since it will make it harder for the bulls to see me.

In the meantime, this is the Middlefield Pullover from New England Knits.

I used EXACTLY 5 skeins of Christ, from Schaefer Yarns, in the colorway pomegranate. So exactly that I have less than 10 yards left over.

I lengthened the body significantly, so it's no surprise that I needed more yarn. When I finished the body, I knit the neck, weighed my remaining yarn, then knit the first sleeve till I'd used half of the yarn. I figured I would make 3/4 sleeves if I needed to, but I had just enough for full length. I'm really happy with it--It was a speedy knit, and it seems to match my entire wardrobe.

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weeble wobble said...

oooh love the sweater- color, shape, and esp neckline!! I want to see it in person before the weather gets hot :)