Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Foiled Again

I've been wearing the purple sweater every week or so (sorry, coworkers! Hope you're not bored... at least I'm not there every day), in the hopes that I'll be willing to take off my coat outside long enough to get a picture... but no luck.

Same with the wine colored Adrift (which I've also been wearing at home on my work from home days, with the idea that I might somehow take a picture of myself). And I'm wearing Shadow[]box at this very moment.

I can report though that Shadow[]box is quite cozy and convenient, and that if you can get over the knowledge that it's asymmetrical but doesn't look asymmetrical when worn, the shaping is quite good at keeping the whole thing in place, but still letting the neck drape. I'm not sure why knowing that the sides are different but that you can't tell bothers me, but there you have it. I've had to tell myself several times not to worry about it. (Oddly, I have no problem with actual, visible asymmetry.)

Given my recent obsession with keeping my neck warm, it should come as no surprise that I've started Idlewood with this handspun:

But I may lengthen the sleeves if I have enough yarn.

I really love the yarn. It's partly mohair, and very silky and light. When I was spinning it, I was worried that the mohair wasn't more evenly dispersed--sometimes the single seemed to be entirely mohair, sometimes it seemed like there wasn't any for a long time--but plying seems to have evened things up.

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Sunflowerfairy said...

I'm completely obsessed with everything that Cecily Glowik MacDonald designs. Everything!

And speaking of designing, I picked up a book at the library....who has a new pattern in it?? Hmmm???? Yeah, I knew it was one of your shawls just by looking at it. Lovely. I'll make it eventually. When I'm not freezing 24/7. :)