Sunday, September 20, 2009


Kevin's first class of the semester was yesterday,and at the last minute I went up with him. Naturally, I went to Webs, where I wanted to buy all the yarn, and knit everything, immediately--or possibly sooner. Of course, I also wanted to buy everything in Northampton (particularly this gorgeous, impractical formal dress... as soon as I have a life where full satin skirts with poofy petticoats and dramatic necklines are required, I'm getting that dress!), so at least it wasn't just yarn.

But back to the yarn: I'd gone with the intention of finding yarn for a gift (which I did, although I can't write about it), and thinking about yarn that might work for a sweater for me. I have this fleece 1/2 zip pullover that I wear all winter, feeling slightly guilty because it's not knitted. (I think I may have written about this before?)

So I'd like to knit myself a sweater of the same shape and style. I thought of Cascade 220 first, but I also want to consider the similar yarns from other companies. (I've made several sweaters from Cascade 220--maybe it's time to branch out?)

Instead though, I became obsessed with the La Gran Drop Stitch Dress from Classic Elite's Winter Whimsy booklet (it's the first one on that page--if you click on the picture, you can make it bigger). I think it's an ok shape for me, but I suspect it would be entirely useless, due to being transparent. I think I could wear it over another dress (I have a collection of simple black dresses, and one of them should work, right?) or slip, but I'm not sure about wearing it over leggings and a shirt in real life. Or, at least, not my real life.

I managed not to buy it (there was some lovely yarn, very like La Gran, on sale... fortunately there were dozens of skeins left), by telling myself that I'll be back next week, and can get it then if I'm still obsessed.

Of course, I also told myself that about at least two dresses, several necklaces, this very funny desk toy (a block of wood with "grouchy" and "grouchier" carved on one side oriented at 180 degrees from each other, so you can turn one or the other right side up, depending on whether you're grouchy or grouchier. Very few people come to my desk at work, but it would be a useful warning for those that do!), a couple of rings, a purse or two, and a skirt!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

You should so knit that dress, it is very you. Go for it.Maybe in dark eggplant, you could wear it with black leggings. Totally you.
(do it for those of us who are height challenged and ,um, exercise challenged , and would LOVE to wear that dress.)

Anonymous said...

I really like the dress! Although I'm not sure about leggings though. But I think with tights and your long boots it's totally do-able!

If you go to WEBS again, may I trouble you to get me a pattern!? I'll email you separately.

Anonymous said...

I say go for it and buy all those things next week! Sincerely, Your Mother-in-law