Monday, March 23, 2009

Four Eyes

Hey, I got new glasses--actually, 2 pairs, because I ordered them online (from LBW Eyewear), so both together, with lenses, shipping, etc., cost $72 and change.

Here's the first new pair:

And the second:

And just in case you were thinking "hey, those look exactly like her old glasses," here's the old pair for comparison:

Completely different!

They're a little bit more different in real life--one's brown with yellow on the inside, and one's dark purple with lighter purple on the inside, it's just hard to see that in my abysmal, taken-with-the-computer pictures. (The old pair is navy with dark brown on the inside.)

Ordering was really easy--I got the prescription from my eye doctor (apparently, some doctors are cranky about giving you your complete prescription, because they also sell glasses, but I go to the university's health center, which doesn't sell glasses, so that was no problem). Then I measured the distance between my pupils, using several different methods I found online by googling "measure PD" (they all gave the same number, which I took to be a good sign), picked out new frames (by comparing the dimensions from the website to my existing glasses), filled in an online form, and here they are.

I was slightly worried about my PD measurement, but I could see normally without feeling any strain as soon as I put them on, so I think I did it right--and if not, my back-up plan is to take these frames to a optician to get new new lenses. In that case, these glasses would still be less than half as expensive as my previous pair (right now, they cost about a tenth as much!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, they look the same to me. I was never any good at those "What's the difference in these pictures". What a bargain! They look nice. I never noticed that you wear your rings on your right I seeing that right?.....Marlene

Anonymous said...

I love your new glasses and love the price you paid even more!