Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, let's pretend this isn't my first post

I finished a sweater on Monday, and wore it yesterday. It's the tweedy, olive-y green one I've been working on since the middle of January, made from the yarn I bought last fall at the Farmhouse Yarns sale. I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with it, mainly because my full-length mirror at home is in a smallish closet, so I can't see myself from more than 2 feet away--so I felt like I didn't really see all of myself as I was getting dressed. Also, the yarn (called Autumn Spun) is 1/3 each silk, cotton and wool, so it has less memory than the mostly wool I usually use. So I felt kind of wrinkled by the end of the day. If my husband and I can roust ourselves off the couch one afternoon this weekend, I'll try to post a picture of it (ahem--if I can figure out how to do that!).

We're not actually as lazy as that sentence just sounded--it's just that he's signed up to do a full Ironman in November (Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach), and 8 months out he's already exercising about as much as he did at the peak of training for a half IM or marathon. And I'm doing the biking and running with him--I did a short triathlon last summer, and I really hated the swim training (I have 2 speeds: so slow I'm nearly going backwards and too fast to maintain), so I'm going to stick to land-based workouts for the moment, and plan to run a marathon this summer--maybe in Bangor, ME. What that means in the meantime though, is that when we're not at work, working out, eating, or asleep, we lie around a lot. I knit a lot during the lying around, but there's not as much of it as there should be--pesky job!--so I feel like I'm knitting less than usual (aha! the perfect time to start a knitblog!)


Annie said...

I'm desperately, pathetically hoping there's a prize for the first comment.

Even if not, congrats on your Blog Creation!

archiknist said...

There may be... I was just wishing I could give away some yarn.

To be fair though, maybe it should be the first comment on another post, after I have more than one reader?